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BrE BrE//kənˈsjuːmə(r)//
; NAmE NAmE//kənˈsuːmər//
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a person who buys goods or uses services consumer demand/choice/rights Health-conscious consumers want more information about the food they buy. a consumer society (= one where buying and selling is considered to be very important) providers and consumers of public services Tax cuts will boost consumer confidence after the recession. compare producer See related entries: MarketingExtra examples Consumer watchdogs have accused banks of ‘appalling arrogance’ in the way they treat customers. Economists forecast that falling consumer confidence will cut into household purchases. Government policy encouraged a consumer boom followed by a deep recession. Green consumers should be wary of manufacturers’ claims that their products are environmentally friendly. Mass culture turns audiences into passive consumers, their participation limited to the choice between buying and not buying. The UK is the biggest consumer of tropical hardwoods after Japan. The country could face a consumer boycott of its beef exports. They exploit consumers by charging high prices. We are living in a consumer society. We are the biggest consumers of tropical hardwoods after Japan. We supply domestic consumers What can be done to protect the ordinary consumer from unscrupulous operators? supplying domestic consumers the consumer price index the market for consumer durables to exploit consumers by charging a high price two years of research among consumers The big stores are, of course, responding to consumer demand.
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