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    BrE BrE//kuːl//
    ; NAmE NAmE//kuːl//
    (cooler, coolest) Boredom, Confident
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    fairly cold
  1. 1  fairly cold; not hot or warm a cool breeze/drink/climate Cooler weather is forecast for the weekend. Let's sit in the shade and keep cool. Store lemons in a cool dry place. Synonymscoldcool freezing chilly lukewarm tepidThese words all describe somebody/​something that has a low temperature.cold having a temperature that is lower than usual or lower than the human body; (of food or drink) not heated; cooled after being cooked:I’m cold. Turn the heating up. Outside it was bitterly cold. a cold wind hot and cold water It’s cold chicken for lunch.cool (often approving) fairly cold, especially in a pleasant way:a long cool drink We found a cool place to sit.freezing extremely cold; having a temperature below 0° Celsius:It’s absolutely freezing outside. I’m freezing!chilly (rather informal) too cold to be comfortable:Bring a coat. It might turn chilly later.lukewarm (often disapproving) slightly warm, sometimes in an unpleasant way:Her coffee was now lukewarm.tepid (often disapproving) slightly warm, sometimes in an unpleasant way:a jug of tepid waterlukewarm or tepid? There is really no difference in meaning or use between these words.Patterns to feel/​get cold/​cool/​chilly cold/​cool/​freezing/​chilly air/​weather a cold/​cool/​freezing/​chilly wind cold/​cool/​freezing/​lukewarm/​tepid water a cold/​cool/​lukewarm/​tepid shower/​bath cold/​lukewarm/​tepid tea/​coffee/​food a cold/​cool drink It’s cold/​chilly/​freezing outside.
  2. colours
  3. 2making you feel pleasantly cool a room painted in cool greens and blues
  4. calm
  5. 3  calm; not excited, angry or emotional Keep cool! She tried to remain cool, calm and collected (= calm). He has a cool head (= he stays calm in an emergency).
  6. not friendly/enthusiastic
  7. 4  not friendly, interested or enthusiastic She was decidedly cool about the proposal. He has been cool towards me ever since we had that argument. They gave the Prime Minister a cool reception. Her voice was cool and dismissive. See related entries: Boredom
  8. approving
  9. 5(informal) used to show that you admire or approve of something because it is fashionable, attractive and often different You look pretty cool with that new haircut. It's a cool movie. Synonymsgreatcool fantastic fabulous terrific brilliant awesome epicThese are all informal words that describe somebody/​something that is very good, pleasant, enjoyable, etc.great (informal) very good; giving a lot of pleasure:We had a great time in Madrid.cool (informal) used to show that you admire or approve of something, often because it is fashionable, attractive or different:I think their new song’s really cool.fantastic (informal) extremely good; giving a lot of pleasure:‘How was your holiday?’ ‘Fantastic!’fabulous (informal) extremely good:Jane’s a fabulous cook. (Fabulous is slightly more old-fashioned than the other words in this set.)terrific (informal) extremely good; wonderful:She’s doing a terrific job.brilliant (British English, informal), extremely good; wonderful:‘How was the show?’ ‘Brilliant!’awesome (informal, especially North American English) very good, impressive, or enjoyable:The show was just awesome.epic (informal) very good, impressive or enjoyable:The adventure and action are truly epic in scope.Patterns to have a(n) great/​cool/​fantastic/​fabulous/​terrific/​brilliant/​awesome time to look/​sound great/​cool/​fantastic/​fabulous/​terrific/​brilliant/​awesome really great/​cool/​fantastic/​fabulous/​terrific/​brilliant/​awesome absolutely great/​fantastic/​fabulous/​terrific/​brilliant/​awesome/​epic
  10. 6(informal) people say Cool! or That’s cool to show that they approve of something or agree to a suggestion ‘We're meeting Jake for lunch and we can go on the yacht in the afternoon.’ ‘Cool!’ ‘Can you come at 10.30 tomorrow?’ ‘That's cool.’ I was surprised that she got the job, but I'm cool with it (= it's not a problem for me).
  11. confident
  12. 7(informal) calm and confident in a way that lacks respect for other people, but makes people admire you as well as disapprove She just took his keys and walked out with them, cool as you please. He was a cool customer. No one would think to look for him in a city where he’d been arrested for killing a cop. See related entries: Confident
  13. money
  14. 8[only before noun] (informal) used about a sum of money to emphasize how large it is The car cost a cool thirty thousand.
  15. see also coolly, coolness
    Word OriginOld English cōl (noun), cōlian (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch koel, also to cold.Extra examples He did his best to appear cool, calm and collected. He forced himself to count to ten and act cool. He was cool towards me. I knew I needed surgery, and I was cool with it. I’m sorry I acted cool toward you. It was a relatively cool night. It will probably get cool later, so bring a coat. It’s so cool you came back! Professionally cool, she went back to her patient. She managed to stay cool during the meeting. She was distinctly cool about their plans. She’s completely cool about what happened. The cave was refreshingly cool. The forest looked cool and shady. The temple was light, spacious and blissfully cool. The weather that June was unseasonably cool. Try to keep the drinks cool. Wait until the cake is completely cool before cutting. You look really cool in those jeans. ‘We’re meeting Jake later.’ ‘Cool!’ ‘What’s his new girlfriend like?’ ‘She’s cool.’ A cool breeze played in the trees. He has a cool head. He has been cool towards me ever since we had the argument. His new car’s pretty cool. I think their new song’s really cool. Keep cool. We’ll sort this out. Let’s sit in the shade and keep cool. She tried to remain cool, calm and collected. Store medicines in a cool dry place. The hall was deliciously cool and dark. The water was blissfully cool. They bathed in the cool water. They gave the Prime Minister a cool reception. We found a cool place to sit. What is she like beneath her cool, confident exterior? a long cool drinkIdioms
    (as) cool as a cucumber
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    very calm and controlled, especially in a difficult situation
    (informal) to deal with a situation in a calm way and not show what you are really feeling
    take a long (cool/hard) look at something
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    to consider a problem or possibility very carefully and without hurrying We need to take a long hard look at all the options.
    (informal) very fashionable The assistants look like they're too cool for school.
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