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BrE BrE//kraɪˈtɪəriən//
; NAmE NAmE//kraɪˈtɪriən//
(pl. criteria
BrE BrE//kraɪˈtɪəriə//
; NAmE NAmE//kraɪˈtɪriə//
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a standard or principle by which something is judged, or with the help of which a decision is made The main criterion is value for money. What criteria are used for assessing a student's ability? More Like This Easily-confused plural/​singular forms bacteria/​bacterium, criteria/​criterion, data/​datum, media/​medium, phenomena/​phenomenon, strata/​stratumSee worksheet. Word Originearly 17th cent.: from Greek kritērion ‘means of judging’, from kritēs ‘a judge’, from krinein ‘judge, decide’.Extra examples By this criterion, very few people are suitable. She failed to meet the stringent selection criteria. Team members will be selected according to strict criteria. The other groups agreed to adopt our criteria. The report lays down criteria for disciplining staff. What are the criteria of success for a training scheme? Excellence is not the only criterion for inclusion in the collection. Sociologists have more objective criteria for defining social class. The correct investment criteria were not being applied. The listing in the guide is proof that the restaurant meets certain criteria. The objectives and the criteria of success must be defined. The sole criterion is the market price of the land. What are the criteria used in evaluating student performance?
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