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    plants for food
  1. 1  [countable] a plant that is grown in large quantities, especially as food Sugar is an important crop on the island. crop rotation/production/yield The crops are regularly sprayed with pesticides. Wordfinderarable, barn, crop, cultivate, dairy, fallow, farm, graze, livestock, tractor CollocationsFarmingGrowing food and raising animals plant trees/​seeds/​crops/​vines/​barley grow/​produce corn/​wheat/​rice/​fruit plough/(North American English) plow land/​a field sow/​harvest seeds/​crops/​fields spread manure/​fertilizer on something cultivate/​irrigate/​water/​contaminate crops/​plants/​fields/​land damage/​destroy/​lose your crop ripen/​pick fruit/​berries/​grapes press/​dry/​ferment grapes grind/​thresh grain/​corn/​wheat raise/​rear/​keep chickens/​poultry/​cattle/​pigs raise/​breed/​feed/​graze livestock/​cattle/​sheep kill/​slaughter livestock preserve/​smoke/​cure/​salt meatModern farming run a fish farm/​an organic dairy engage in/​be involved in intensive (pig/​fish) farming use/​apply (chemical/​organic) fertilizer/​insecticides/​pesticides begin/​do/​conduct field trials of GM (= genetically modified) crops grow/​develop GM crops/​seeds/​plants/​foods fund/​invest in genetic engineering/​research improve/​increase crop yields face/​suffer from/​alleviate food shortages label food that contains GMOs (= genetically modified organisms) eliminate/​reduce farm subsidies oppose/​be against factory farming/​GM food promote/​encourage/​support organic/​sustainable farming see also cash crop, catch crop Wordfinderblight, cereal, crop, genetically modified, grain, harvest, monoculture, organic, staple, yield See related entries: On the farm, Growing crops, Crops
  2. 2  [countable] the amount of grain, fruit, etc. that is grown in one season synonym harvest a fall in this year’s coffee crop We are looking forward to a bumper crop(= a very large one).
  3. group of people
  4. 3[singular] a crop of something a group of people who do something at the same time; a number of things that happen at the same time the current crop of trainees She is really the cream of the crop (= the best in her group). a crop of disasters/injuries
  5. whip
  6. 4[countable] a short whip used by horse riders a riding crop See related entries: Equine sports
  7. hair
  8. 5[countable] a very short hairstyle
  9. 6[singular] a crop of dark, fair, etc. hair/curls hair that is short and thick He had a thick crop of black curly hair. See related entries: Describing hair
  10. of bird
  11. 7 (specialist) a part of a bird’s throat shaped like a bag where food is stored before it passes into the stomach See related entries: Parts of animals
  12. Word OriginOld English, of Germanic origin; related to German Kropf. From Old English to the late 18th cent. there existed a sense ‘flower head, ear of corn’, giving rise to sense (1) and senses referring to the top of something.Extra examples Crop rotation helps prevent soil erosion. Crops are sprayed with highly toxic chemicals to prevent insect damage. Fodder crops are used to feed livestock. Isolated communities were extremely vulnerable if crops failed. It takes three to five years for a new plantation to bear a crop. Most farmers now produce cash crops such as coffee and tobacco for the export market. Most of the farmers grow arable crops. Rice is a staple crop for more than half of the world’s population. Rivers burst their banks and flooded standing crops. Summer flash floods destroyed the crops. We had a very good crop of apples last year. a crop of carrots a record crop was harvested the current crop of graduate trainees the replacement of traditional crops with cash crops for export to boost crop yields
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