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    BrE BrE//kʌt//
    ; NAmE NAmE//kʌt//
    Describing hair, Meat, Injuries, The fashion world, Making films
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  1. 1  a wound caused by something sharp cuts and bruises on the face Blood poured from the deep cut on his arm. See related entries: Injuries
  2. hole
  3. 2  a hole or an opening in something, made with something sharp Using sharp scissors, make a small cut in the material.
  4. reduction
  5. 3  cut (in something) a reduction in amount, size, supply, etc. price/tax/job cuts They had to take a 20% cut in pay. They announced cuts in public spending. see also power cut, shortcut
  6. of hair
  7. 4  [usually singular] an act of cutting somebody’s hair; the style in which it is cut Your hair could do with a cut (= it is too long). a cut and blow-dry see also buzz cut See related entries: Describing hair
  8. of clothing
  9. 5[usually singular] the shape and style that a piece of clothing has because of the way the cloth is cut the elegant cut of her dress trousers with a loose cut designed for comfortable wear See related entries: The fashion world
  10. share of money
  11. 6a share in something, especially money They were rewarded with a cut of 5% from the profits.
  12. of movie/play, etc.
  13. 7cut (in something) an act of removing part of a film/movie, play, piece of writing, etc. The director objected to the cuts ordered by the censor. She made some cuts before handing over the finished novel. See related entries: Making films
  14. meat
  15. 8a piece of meat cut from an animal a lean cut of pork cheap cuts of stewing lamb see also cold cuts See related entries: Meat
  16. Word OriginMiddle English (probably existing, although not recorded, in Old English); probably of Germanic origin and related to Norwegian kutte and Icelandic kuta ‘cut with a small knife’, kuti ‘small blunt knife’.Extra examples By the time the organizers have had their cut, there won’t be much left. Clean the cut and cover it to prevent infection. He has a small cut on his finger. He takes a cut of the profits. I’ve made an appointment to have a hair cut. If there’s money to be made from selling photos of her, she wants her cut. One man was attacked and suffered cuts to his face. She got a bad cut over her right eye. The company has announced a new round of job cuts. The cuts will come into effect next May. The recipe calls for a good lean cut of beef. The staff have all had to take a cut in salary. They are planning to make substantial cuts in the service. They get a lot of power cuts because they have overhead wires. a cut on her hand a high-quality blade that gives a clean cut cuts in public spending proposed tax cuts He came home covered in cuts and bruises. She made some lengthy cuts before handing over the finished novel. She suffered only minor cuts and grazes as a result of the accident. The capital and towns to the north were plunged into darkness by power cuts. The director objected to the cuts ordered by the film censor. There wasn’t much left after his agents took their cut. They had to take a 20% cut in pay. They were rewarded with a cut of 5% from the profits. You can take a short cut across the field. job/​salary/​pay cutsIdioms
    a cut above somebody/something
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    better than somebody/something His latest novel is a cut above the rest.
    the cut and thrust (of something)
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    (British English) the lively or aggressive way that something is done the cut and thrust of political debate his cut-and-thrust management style
    1. 1to reach or maintain the required standard I had to explain to the applicants why they didn't make the cut.
    2. 2(in golf) to achieve a good enough score to be able to take part in the next stage of a competition Woods needed a 69 to make the cut.
    3. 3(of a film/movie, play, piece of writing, etc.) to be included after parts have been removed When a book is made into a movie not every scene will make the cut.
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