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    BrE BrE//diːd//
    ; NAmE NAmE//diːd//
    Legal documents, Buying a home
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  1. 1(formal, literary) a thing that somebody does that is usually very good or very bad synonym act a brave/charitable/evil/good deed a tale of heroic deeds
  2. 2(often plural in BrE) a legal document that you sign, especially one that proves that you own a house or a building the deeds of the house Wordfinderagreement, binding, certificate, clause, deed, document, draft, draw up, subsection, witness Wordfinderaccommodation, deed, home, house, lease, let, location, mortgage, squat, tenant CollocationsMoving house Renting live in a rented/(especially North American English) rental property rent/​share/​move into a furnished house/(British English) flat/(especially North American English) apartment rent a studio/(British English) a studio flat/(especially North American English) a studio apartment/(British English) a bedsit find/​get a housemate/(British English) a flatmate/(North American English) a roommate sign/​break the lease/​rental agreement/​contract extend/​renew/​terminate the lease/(British English) tenancy afford/​pay the rent/​the bills/(North American English) the utilities (especially British English) fall behind with/ (especially North American English) fall behind on the rent pay/​lose/​return a damage deposit/(North American English) security deposit give/​receive a month’s/​two-weeks’ notice to leave/​vacate the propertyBeing a landlord have a flat/​apartment/​room (British English) to let/(especially North American English) for rent rent (out)/lease (out)/ (British English) let (out)/sublet a flat/​apartment/​house/​property collect/​increase/​raise the rent evict the existing tenants attract/​find new/​prospective tenants invest in rental property/(British English) property to let/(British English) the buy-to-let marketBuying buy/​acquire/​purchase a house/(a) property/(especially North American English) (a piece of) prime real estate call/​contact/​use (British English) an estate agent/(North American English) a Realtor™/(North American English) a real estate agent/​broker make/ (British English) put in an offer on a house put down/​save for (British English) a deposit on a house make/​put/​save for (especially North American English) a down payment on a house/​home apply for/​arrange/​take out a mortgage/​home loan (struggle to) pay the mortgage make/​meet/​keep up/​cover the monthly mortgage payments/(British English also) repayments (British English) repossess/ (especially North American English) foreclose on somebody’s home/​houseSelling put your house/​property on the market/​up for sale/​up for auction increase/​lower your price/​the asking price have/​hold/​hand over the deed/(especially British English) deeds of/​to the house, land, etc. see also title deed See related entries: Legal documents, Buying a home
  3. Word OriginOld English dēd, dǣd, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch daad and German Tat, from an Indo-European root shared by do1.Extra examples She felt that she had done her good deed for the day. She would not be able to relax until the deed was done. The prince swore she would be punished for her dastardly deeds. They paid children to do their evil deeds. demands that the country should apologize for its past deeds evil deeds perpetrated by wicked people warriors who performed glorious deeds I took Sarah’s children to school so I’ve done my good deed for the day. It’s a stirring tale of heroic deeds. Many of the villagers have no land deeds. The deeds are perfectly valid legally. The deeds of the house are missing. The deeds to the property are with my lawyer. Who currently keeps the title deed?Idioms
    your good deed for the day
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    a helpful, kind thing that you do I took Sarah’s children to school so I’ve done my good deed for the day.
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