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    BrE BrE//ˈpɒzɪt//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈpɑːzɪt//
    Buying a home, Banking
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  1. 1  [usually singular] a deposit (on something) a sum of money that is given as the first part of a larger payment synonym down payment They normally ask you to pay $100 (as a) deposit. All deposits are non-refundable. (British English) We've put down a 5% deposit on the house. Synonymspaymentpremium contribution subscription repayment deposit instalmentThese are all words for an amount of money that you pay or are expected to pay, or for the act of paying.payment an amount of money that you pay or are expected to pay; the act of paying:ten monthly payments of $50 payment in advancepremium an amount of money that you pay once or regularly for an insurance policy; an extra payment added to the basic rate; a higher amount of money than usual:an insurance premium a premium for express deliverycontribution a sum of money that you pay regularly to your employer or the government in order to pay for benefits such as health insurance, a pension, etc:You can increase your monthly contributions to the pension plan.subscription an amount of money you pay in advance to receive regular copies of a newspaper or magazine or to receive a service:a subscription to ‘Newsweek’repayment (British English) an amount of money that you pay regularly to a bank, etc. until you have returned all the money that you owe; the act of paying this money:the repayments on the loandeposit an amount of money that you pay as the first part of a larger payment:We’ve put down a 5% deposit on the house.instalment one of a number of payments that you make regularly over a period of time until you have paid for something:We paid for the car by/​in instalments.Patterns (a/​an) annual/​monthly/​regular payment/​premium/​contributions/​subscription/​repayment/​deposit/​instalment payment/​repayment in full to pay a(n) premium/​contribution/​subscription/​deposit/​instalment to make a payment/​repayment/​deposit to meet/​keep up (with) (the) payment(s)/the premiums/(the) repayment(s)/the instalments Wordfindercredit, debt, deposit, interest, lend, loan, money, mortgage, overdraft, risk CollocationsMoving house Renting live in a rented/(especially North American English) rental property rent/​share/​move into a furnished house/(British English) flat/(especially North American English) apartment rent a studio/(British English) a studio flat/(especially North American English) a studio apartment/(British English) a bedsit find/​get a housemate/(British English) a flatmate/(North American English) a roommate sign/​break the lease/​rental agreement/​contract extend/​renew/​terminate the lease/(British English) tenancy afford/​pay the rent/​the bills/(North American English) the utilities (especially British English) fall behind with/ (especially North American English) fall behind on the rent pay/​lose/​return a damage deposit/(North American English) security deposit give/​receive a month’s/​two-weeks’ notice to leave/​vacate the propertyBeing a landlord have a flat/​apartment/​room (British English) to let/(especially North American English) for rent rent (out)/lease (out)/ (British English) let (out)/sublet a flat/​apartment/​house/​property collect/​increase/​raise the rent evict the existing tenants attract/​find new/​prospective tenants invest in rental property/(British English) property to let/(British English) the buy-to-let marketBuying buy/​acquire/​purchase a house/(a) property/(especially North American English) (a piece of) prime real estate call/​contact/​use (British English) an estate agent/(North American English) a Realtor™/(North American English) a real estate agent/​broker make/ (British English) put in an offer on a house put down/​save for (British English) a deposit on a house make/​put/​save for (especially North American English) a down payment on a house/​home apply for/​arrange/​take out a mortgage/​home loan (struggle to) pay the mortgage make/​meet/​keep up/​cover the monthly mortgage payments/(British English also) repayments (British English) repossess/ (especially North American English) foreclose on somebody’s home/​houseSelling put your house/​property on the market/​up for sale/​up for auction increase/​lower your price/​the asking price have/​hold/​hand over the deed/(especially British English) deeds of/​to the house, land, etc. See related entries: Buying a home
  2. 2  [usually singular] a sum of money that is paid by somebody when they rent something and that is returned to them if they do not lose or damage the thing they are renting to pay a deposit They'll probably ask you to leave a deposit. see also security deposit
  3. 3a sum of money that is paid into a bank account Deposits can be made at any branch. opposite withdrawal Wordfinderaccount, balance, bank, credit, debit, deposit, interest, loan, statement, withdrawal CollocationsFinanceIncome earn money/​cash/(informal) a fortune make money/​a fortune/(informal) a killing on the stock market acquire/​inherit/​amass wealth/​a fortune build up funds/​savings get/​receive/​leave (somebody) an inheritance/​a legacy live on a low wage/​a fixed income/​a pension get/​receive/​draw/​collect a pension depend/​be dependent on (British English) benefits/(North American English) welfare/​social securityExpenditure spend money/​your savings/(informal) a fortune on… invest/​put your savings in… throw away/​waste/ (informal) shell out money on… lose your money/​inheritance/​pension use up/ (informal) wipe out all your savings pay (in) cash use/​pay by a credit/​debit card pay by/​make out a/​write somebody a/​accept a (British English) cheque/(US English) check change/​exchange money/​currency/(British English) traveller’s cheques/(US English) traveler’s checks give/​pay/​leave (somebody) a depositBanks have/​hold/​open/​close/​freeze a bank account/​an account credit/​debit/​pay something into/​take money out of your account deposit money/​funds in your account withdraw money/​cash/£30 from an ATM, etc. (formal) make a deposit/​withdrawal find/​go to/​use (especially North American English) an ATM/(British English) a cash machine/​dispenser be in credit/​in debit/​in the black/​in the red/​overdrawnPersonal finance manage/​handle/​plan/​run/ (especially British English) sort out your finances plan/​manage/​work out/​stick to a budget offer/​extend credit (to somebody) arrange/​take out a loan/​an overdraft pay back/​repay money/​a loan/​a debt pay for something in (especially British English) instalments/(usually North American English) installmentsFinancial difficulties get into debt/​financial difficulties be short of/ (informal) be strapped for cash run out of/​owe money face/​get/ (informal) be landed with a bill for £… can’t afford the cost of…/payments/​rent fall behind with/ (especially North American English) fall behind on the mortgage/​repayments/​rent incur/​run up/​accumulate debts tackle/​reduce/​settle your debts See related entries: Banking
  4. 4(in the British political system) the amount of money that a candidate in an election to Parliament has to pay, and that is returned if he/she gets enough votes All the other candidates lost their deposits.
  5. substance
  6. 5a layer of a substance that has formed naturally underground mineral/gold/coal deposits
  7. 6a layer of a substance that has been left somewhere, especially by a river, flood, etc., or is found at the bottom of a liquid The rain left a deposit of mud on the windows. fatty deposits in the arteries of the heart glacial deposits
  8. Word Originlate 16th cent. (especially in the phrases in deposit or on deposit): from Latin depositum (noun), medieval Latin depositare (verb), both from Latin deposit- ‘laid aside’, from the verb deponere.Extra examples All deposits are refundable. All deposits for holiday cottages are refundable. Bank deposits have increased by 2.3%. I had to leave a €50 deposit on the bike. If furniture is damaged, you will forfeit your deposit. She made a deposit of £60 into her account. The floods left a thick deposit of mud over the fields. The region has many deposits of valuable oil. We’ve put down the deposit on our new car. You have to pay a deposit of $1 200 as well as two months’ rent. You’ll get back your deposit once we’ve checked the bikes are all right. an area with large mineral deposits The car costs $50 per day in rental, plus a $200 deposit which you will get back at the end of the week. The shop said it would reserve the rug for him if he paid £20 as a deposit. We’ve put down a 5% deposit on the house.
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