Definition of dial verb from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


; ˈdaɪəl
dialling, dialled, North American English dialing, dialed [transitive, intransitive] dial (something) to use a telephone by pushing buttons or turning the dial to call a numberHe dialled the number and waited.Dial 0033 for France.Usage noteUsage note: PhonesMaking and receiving phone callsthe phone/telephone ringsanswer/pick up/hang up the phone/telephonelift/pick up/hold/replace the receiverdial a (phone/extension/wrong) number/an area codecall somebody/talk (to somebody)/speak (to somebody) on the phone/telephone; from home/work/the officemake/get/receive a phone calltake the phone off the hook (= remove the receiver so that the phone does not ring)the line is (British English) engaged/(especially North American English) busythe phones have been (North American English) ringing off the hook (= ringing frequently)put somebody through/get through to the person you want to speak toput somebody on hold (= so that they must wait for the person they want to speak to)call from/use a landlineMobile/cell phonesbe/talk on a (both British English) mobile phone/mobile/(especially North American English) cell phone/(informal, especially North American English) celluse/answer/call (somebody on)/get a message on your mobile phone/mobile/cell phone/cellswitch/turn on/off your mobile phone/mobile/cell phone/cellcharge/recharge your mobile phone/mobile/cell phone/cella mobile/cell phone is on/is off/rings/goes off(British English) top up your mobile (phone)send/receive a text (message)/an SMS (message)/a faxinsert/remove/change a SIM card