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noun (North American English also dialog)
; ˈdaɪəlɑːɡ
; ˈdaɪəlɔːɡ
[countable, uncountable]
1 conversations in a book, play, or film/movieThe novel has long descriptions and not much dialogue.dialogues for language learners2 a formal discussion between two groups or countries, especially when they are trying to solve a problem, end a disagreement, etcThe President told waiting reporters there had been a constructive dialogue. compare monologue
Usage noteUsage note: discussionconversation dialogue talk debate consultation chat gossipThese are all words for an occasion when people talk about something.discussion a detailed conversation about something that is considered to be important:Discussions are still taking place between the two leaders.conversation a talk, usually a private or informal one, involving two people or a small group; the activity of talking in this way:a telephone conversationdialogue conversations in a book, play or film:The novel has long descriptions and not much dialogue. A dialogue is also a formal discussion between two groups, especially when they are trying to solve a problem or end a dispute:The President told waiting reporters there had been a constructive a conversation or discussion, often one about a problem or something important for the people involved:I had a long talk with my boss about my career prospects.debate a formal discussion of an issue at a public meeting or in a parliament. In a debate two or more speakers express opposing views and then there is often a vote on the issue:a debate on prison reformconsultation a formal discussion between groups of people before a decision is made about something:There have been extensive consultations between the two a friendly informal conversation; informal talking. The countable use of chat is especially British English:I just called in for a chat about the kids.gossip a conversation about other people and their private lives:We had a good gossip about the boss.a discussion/conversation/dialogue/talk/debate/consultation/chat/gossip about somethinga discussion/conversation/dialogue/debate/consultation on somethingin (close) discussion/conversation/dialogue/debate/consultation with somebodyto have a discussion/conversation/dialogue/talk/debate/consultation/chat/gossip with somebodyto hold a discussion/conversation/debate/consultation
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