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direct object

BrE BrE//dəˌrekt ˈɒbdʒɪkt//
, BrE//dɪˌrekt ˈɒbdʒɪkt//
, BrE//daɪˌrekt ˈɒbdʒɪkt//
; NAmE NAmE//dəˌrekt ˈɑːbdʒekt//
, NAmE//dəˌrekt ˈɑːbdʒɪkt//
, NAmE//dɪˌrekt ˈɑːbdʒekt//
, NAmE//dɪˌrekt ˈɑːbdʒɪkt//
, NAmE//daɪˌrekt ˈɑːbdʒekt//
, NAmE//daɪˌrekt ˈɑːbdʒɪkt//
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a noun, noun phrase or pronoun that refers to a person or thing that is directly affected by the action of a verb In ‘I met him in town’, the word ‘him’ is the direct object. compare indirect object
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