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BrE BrE//ˈdɪskaʊnt//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈdɪskaʊnt//
[countable, uncountable] an amount of money that is taken off the usual cost of something synonym reduction to get/give/offer a discount discount rates/prices discount (on/off something) They're offering a 10% discount on all sofas this month. They were selling everything at a discount (= at reduced prices). a discount shop (= one that regularly sells goods at reduced prices) Do you give any discount? Wordfinderbuy, discount, loyalty card, purchase, receipt, reduction, refund, short-change, store card, voucher CollocationsShoppingShopping go/​go out/​be out shopping go to (especially British English) the shops/(especially North American English) a store/(especially North American English) the mall do (British English) the shopping/(especially North American English) the grocery shopping/​a bit of window-shopping (North American English, informal) hit/​hang out at the mall try on clothes/​shoes indulge in some retail therapy go on a spending spree cut/​cut back on/​reduce your spending be/​get caught shoplifting donate something to/​take something to/​find something in (British English) a charity shop/(North American English) a thrift store buy/​sell/​find something at (British English) a car boot sale/(British English) a jumble sale/​a garage sale/(North American English) a yard sale find/​get/​pick up a bargainAt the shop/​store load/​push/​wheel (British English) a trolley/(North American English) a cart stand in/​wait in (British English) the checkout queue/(North American English) the checkout line (North American English) stand in line/ (British English) queue at the checkout bag (especially North American English) (your) groceries pack (away) (especially British English) your shopping stack/​stock/​restock the shelves at a store (with something) be (found) on/​appear on supermarket/​shop/​store shelves be in/​have in/​be out of/​run out of stock deal with/​help/​serve customers run a special promotion be on special offerBuying goods make/​complete a purchase buy/​purchase something online/​by mail order make/​place/​take an order for something buy/​order something in bulk/​in advance accept/​take credit cards pay (in) cash/​by (credit/​debit) card/(British English) with a gift voucher/(North American English) with a gift certificate enter your PIN number ask for/​get/​obtain a receipt return/​exchange an item/​a product be entitled to/​ask for/​demand a refund compare prices offer (somebody)/give (somebody)/get/​receive a 30% discount See related entries: Shopping in stores
Word Originearly 17th cent.: from obsolete French descompte (noun), descompter (verb), or (in commercial contexts) from Italian (di)scontare, both from medieval Latin discomputare, from Latin dis- (expressing reversal) + computare, from com- ‘together’ + putare ‘to settle (an account)’.Extra examples Customers are allowed a discount on orders over £500. If you collect ten bonus points, you will be entitled to a discount. It is important to negotiate a good discount and obtain books on approval. Members are given a discount card which entitles them to 20% off. There is a special discount for employees. They offer a trade discount to builders. They only give you a discount if you buy more than a certain amount. Tickets are available to members at a discount. We offer a 5% cash discount for prompt payment. a discount of 30% a prescription drug discount card The store manager gave us a 10% discount on the drum set. They were selling everything at a discount.
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