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    BrE BrE//daɪˈvɜːsəti//
    ; NAmE NAmE//daɪˈvɜːrsəti//
    Race, Conservation
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  1. 1[uncountable, countable, usually singular] a range of many people or things that are very different from each other synonym variety the biological diversity of the rainforests a great/wide/rich diversity of opinion See related entries: Race, Conservation
  2. 2[uncountable] the quality or fact of including a range of many people or things There is a need for greater diversity and choice in education. CollocationsRace and immigrationPrejudice and racism experience/​encounter racism/​discrimination/​prejudice/​anti-semitism face/​suffer persecution/​discrimination fear/​escape from/​flee racial/​political/​religious persecution constitute/​be a form of racial/​race discrimination reflect/​reveal/​show/​have a racial/​cultural bias be biased/​be prejudiced against (especially British English) black people/(both especially North American English) people of color/​African Americans/​Asians/​Africans/​Indians, etc. discriminate against minority groups/​minorities perpetuate/​conform to/​fit/​defy a common/​popular/​traditional/​negative stereotype overcome/​be blinded by deep-seated/​racial/(especially North American English) race prejudice entrench/​perpetuate racist attitudes hurl/​shout (especially British English) racist abuse; (especially North American English) a racist/​racial/​ethnic slur challenge/​confront racism/​discrimination/​prejudice combat/​fight (against)/tackle blatant/​overt/​covert/​subtle/​institutional/​systemic racismRace and society damage/​improve (especially British English) race relations practise/ (especially US English) practice (racial/​religious) tolerance/​segregation bridge/​break down/​transcend cultural/​racial barriers encourage/​promote social integration outlaw/​end discrimination/​slavery/​segregation promote/​embrace/​celebrate cultural diversity conform to/​challenge/​violate (accepted/​established/​prevailing/​dominant) social/​cultural norms live in a multicultural society attack/​criticize multiculturalism fight for/​struggle for/​promote racial equality perpetuate/​reinforce economic and social inequality introduce/​be for/​be against (British English) positive discrimination/(especially North American English) affirmative action support/​be active in/​play a leading role in the civil rights movementImmigration control/​restrict/​limit/​encourage immigration attract/​draw a wave of immigrants assist/​welcome refugees house/​shelter refugees and asylum seekers smuggle illegal immigrants into the UK deport/​repatriate illegal immigrants/​failed asylum seekers assimilate/​integrate new immigrants employ/​hire migrant workers exploit/​rely on (cheap/​illegal) immigrant labour/(especially US English) labor apply for/​gain/​obtain/​be granted/​be denied (full) citizenship have/​hold dual citizenship
  3. Word OriginMiddle English: from Old French diversite, from Latin diversitas, from diversus ‘diverse’, past participle of divertere ‘turn aside’, from di- ‘aside’ + vertere ‘to turn’.Extra examples People are being encouraged to celebrate the diversity of their communities. The producer was under pressure to maintain a diversity in his output. The south-east has the highest diversity of freshwater fish in the country. The teaching profession does not yet reflect the diversity of the population. There is a wide diversity of views on this subject. There is need for greater diversity and choice in education. Tyrannies do not allow diversity and disagreement. You’re lucky to work for a company which values diversity. diversity in the style of the reports the need to preserve biological diversity the rich diversity of the city’s cultural life There was a great diversity of opinion. the growing ethnic diversity of Western societies
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