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BrE BrE//duː//
; NAmE NAmE//duː//
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  • (pl. dos, do’s
    BrE BrE//duːz//
    ; NAmE NAmE//duːz//
    (informal) a party; a social event Are you having a big do for your birthday? I suppose we should have a bit of a do to celebrate. They’re having some special do in London.
  • Idioms
    dos and don’ts (also do’s and don’ts)
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    (informal) rules that you should follow Here are some dos and don'ts for exercise during pregnancy.
    fair’s fair (informal) (British English also fair dos/do’s)
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    used, especially as an exclamation, to say that you think that an action, decision, etc. is acceptable and appropriate because it means that everyone will be treated fairly Fair's fair—you can't expect them to cancel everything just because you can't make it. Come one, fair dos—you’ve had your chance, now let me try.
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