Definition of DVD noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary



ˌdiː viː ˈdiː
; ˌdiː viː ˈdiː
a disk on which large amounts of information, especially photographs and video, can be stored, for use on a computer or DVD player (the abbreviation for digital videodisc or digital versatile disc)
a DVD-ROM driveIs it available on DVD yet?
Usage noteUsage note: Cinema/the moviesWatchinggo to/take somebody to (see) a film/moviego to/sit in (British English) the cinema/(North American English) the (movie) theaterrent a film/movie/DVDdownload a film/movie/videoburn/copy/rip a DVDsee/watch a film/movie/DVD/video/preview/trailerShowingshow/screen a film/moviepromote/distribute/review a film/movie(British English) be on at the cinemabe released on/come out on/be out on DVDcaptivate/delight/grip/thrill the audiencedo well/badly at the box officeget a lot of/live up to the hypeFilm-makingwrite/co-write a film/movie/script/screenplaydirect/produce/make/shoot/edit a film/movie/sequel/videomake a romantic comedy/a thriller/an action moviedo/work on a sequel/remakefilm/shoot the opening scene/an action sequence/footage (of something)compose/create/do/write the soundtrackcut/edit (out) a scene/sequenceActinghave/get/do an auditionget/have/play a leading/starring/supporting roleplay a character/James Bond/the bad guyact in/appear in/star in a film/movie/remakedo/perform/attempt a stuntwork in/make it big in Hollywoodforge/carve/make/pursue a career in HollywoodDescribing filmsthe camera pulls back/pans over something/zooms in (on something)the camera focuses on something/lingers on somethingshoot somebody/show somebody in extreme close-upuse odd/unusual camera anglesbe filmed/shot on location/in a studiobe set/take place in London/in the '60shave a happy ending/plot twist