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    BrE BrE////
    ; NAmE NAmE////
    (British English) (usually North American English huh)
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  1. 1the sound that people make when they want somebody to repeat something ‘I'm not hungry.’ ‘Eh?’ ‘I said I'm not hungry.’
  2. 2the sound that people make when they want somebody to agree or reply So what do you think, eh?
  3. 3the sound people make when they are surprised Another new dress, eh! More Like This Exclamations aargh, ah, aha, ahchoo, ahem, aw, bah, boo, coo, d’oh, eek, eh, er, eww, gee, ha, hey, ho ho, ho-hum, hooray, huh, mm, oh, oho, oi, ooh, oops, ouch, ow, oy, pah, phew, psst, sh, tsk tsk, tut, ugh, uh, uh-uh, uh-oh, um, whoopee, whoops, woo hoo, wow, yay, yippee, yuck, yumSee worksheet.
  4. Word Originnatural utterance: first recorded in English in the mid 16th cent.
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