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    (also e-mail) noun
    BrE BrE//ˈiːmeɪl//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈiːmeɪl//
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  1. 1  (formal electronic mail) [uncountable] a way of sending messages and data to other people by means of computers connected together in a network to send a message by email See related entries: Email
  2. 2  [countable, uncountable] a message sent by email Thanks for your email. CollocationsEmail and the InternetEmail receive/​get/​open an email write/​send/​answer/​forward/​delete an email check/​read/​access your email block/​filter (out) junk/​spam/​unsolicited email exchange email addresses open/​check your inbox junk mail fills/​floods/​clogs your inbox have/​set up an email account open/​send/​contain an attachment sign up for/​receive email alertsConnecting to the Internet use/​access/​log onto the Internet/​the Web go online/​on the Internet have a high-speed/​dial-up/​broadband/​wireless (Internet) connection access/​connect to/​locate the server use/​open/​close/​launch a/​your web browser browse/​surf/​search/​scour the Internet/​the Web send/​contain/​spread/​detect a(n) (computer/​email) virus update your anti-virus software install/​use/​configure a firewall accept/​enable/​block/​delete cookiesUsing the Internet visit/​check a website/​an Internet site/​somebody’s blog create/​design/​launch a website/​social networking site start/​write/​post/​read a blog update your blog/​a website be in/​meet somebody in/​go into/​enter an Internet chat room download/​upload music/​software/​a song/​a podcast/​a file/​a copy of something share information/​data/​files post a comment/​message on a(n) website/​online message board/​web forum/​Internet chat room stream video/​audio/​music/​content over the Internet join/​participate in/​visit/​provide a(n) (web-based/​web/​online/​Internet/​discussion) forum generate/​increase/​monitor Internet traffic
  3. Word Originlate 20th cent.: abbreviation of electronic mail. Wordfinderaddress, attachment, compose, draft, email, emoticon, forward, inbox, message, reExtra examples An email arrives in your inbox. Each of the rooms has Internet and email access. I sent an email asking about their products. If a member does not have email, a letter is sent. Most people check their email several times a day. She is in constant email contact with a number of college staff. Some companies monitor all employee email. Some members used email to renew their membership. The email contains a link to the retailer’s website. The next day I got 400 email responses. Users receive email notification of special offers. Web-based email providers When I saw what he’d written I fired off an angry email. You can sign up to receive email alerts. a free email service an email announcing his promotion filtering devices that block unwanted email the rise in corporate email traffic I got an email from Andrew last week. I have to check my email.

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