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    BrE BrE//ˌentəˈteɪnmənt//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˌentərˈteɪnmənt//
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  1. 1  [uncountable, countable] films/movies, music, etc. used to entertain people; an example of this radio, television and other forms of entertainment There will be live entertainment at the party. It was typical family entertainment. The entertainment was provided by a folk band. Local entertainments are listed in the newspaper. The show was good entertainment value. Synonymsentertainmentfun recreation relaxation play pleasure amusementThese are all words for things or activities used to entertain people when they are not working.entertainment films, television, music, etc. used to entertain people:There are three bars, with live entertainment seven nights a week.fun (rather informal) behaviour or activities that are not serious but come from a sense of enjoyment:It wasn’t serious—it was all done in fun. We didn’t mean to hurt him. It was just a bit of fun. The lottery provides harmless fun for millions.recreation (rather formal) things people do for enjoyment when they are not working:His only form of recreation is playing football.relaxation (rather formal) things people do to rest and enjoy themselves when they are not working; the ability to relax:I go hill-walking for relaxation.recreation or relaxation?Both these words can be used for a wide range of activities, physical and mental, but relaxation is sometimes used for gentler activities than recreation:I play the flute in a wind band for recreation. I listen to music for relaxation.play things that people, especially children, do for enjoyment rather than as work:the happy sounds of children at playpleasure the activity of enjoying yourself, especially in contrast to working:Are you in Paris for business or pleasure?amusement the fact of being entertained by something:What do you do for amusement round here?Patterns to do something for entertainment/​fun/​recreation/​relaxation/​pleasure/​amusement to provide entertainment/​fun/​recreation/​relaxation/​amusement
  2. 2[uncountable] the act of entertaining somebody a budget for the entertainment of clients
  3. Extra examples It’s pure entertainment and there’s nothing wrong with that. Ladies and gentlemen, for your entertainment, we present Magic Man. Movies were the new mass entertainment. Passengers can enjoy free nightly entertainment. Soaps like ‘Neighbours’ are pure entertainment and there is nothing wrong with that. The films were bought chiefly for their entertainment value. The hotel has a varied programme of nightly entertainment. The leading piece of entertainment news in the US is the Oscars. The television was his only source of entertainment. They laid on lavish entertainment for their guests. Tokyo’s entertainment district Vote for your top light entertainment show. places of entertainment such as bars stars from the world of entertainment the half-time entertainment at football games The stories will be judged purely on their entertainment value. There are three bars, with live entertainment seven nights a week. There was no TV or radio so we had to make our own entertainment. the airline’s in-flight entertainment channel the entertainment business/​industry
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