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    BrE BrE//ˌeksɪˈkjuːʃn//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˌeksɪˈkjuːʃn//
    Types of punishment, Terrorism
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  1. 1[uncountable, countable] the act of killing somebody, especially as a legal punishment He faced execution by hanging for murder. Over 200 executions were carried out last year. See related entries: Types of punishment, Terrorism
  2. 2[uncountable] (formal) the act of doing a piece of work, performing a duty, or putting a plan into action He had failed in the execution of his duty. The idea was good, but the execution was poor. The company is liable for any damage caused by faulty execution of the building work.
  3. 3[uncountable] (formal) skill in performing or making something, such as a piece of music or work of art Her execution of the piano piece was perfect.
  4. 4[uncountable] (law) the act of following the instructions in a legal document, especially those in somebody’s will The solicitors are proceeding with the execution of her mother’s will.
  5. Word Originlate Middle English: via Old French from Latin executio(n-), from exsequi ‘follow up, punish’, from ex- ‘out’ + sequi ‘follow’.Extra examples Executions were carried out in the prison yard. Human rights organizations have accused the army of summary executions. If caught, the men could face execution. She was charged with obstruction of a police officer in the execution of his duties. She was taken prisoner and suffered eventual execution. The US Supreme Court refused to stay the execution. The army oversaw the trial and execution of the king. The court has discretion to stay or suspend execution of the order. The judge had granted a stay of execution. The tribunal ordered the execution of 42 coup plotters. a senator’s request to suspend federal executions execution by hanging great ideas and flawless execution prisoners who are on death row awaiting execution proper execution of the exercise the Supreme Court decision to ban juvenile executions the hours before his scheduled execution the poor execution of the film the successful execution of the contractIdioms (law) a delay in following the order of a court to grant a stay of execution There will be no stay of execution and few mourners for this concrete tower block, due to be demolished next month.
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