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    BrE BrE//ɪɡˈzɔːst//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ɪɡˈzɔːst//
    Parts of a car, Driving
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  1. 1[uncountable] waste gases that come out of a vehicle, an engine or a machine car exhaust fumes/emissions Wordfinderdrain, dump, effluent, exhaust, fly-tip, incinerator, landfill, rubbish, sewage, waste See related entries: Driving
  2. 2(also exhaust pipe) (also tailpipe especially in North American English) [countable] a pipe through which exhaust gases come out My car needs a new exhaust. See related entries: Parts of a car
  3. Word Originmid 16th cent. (in the sense ‘draw off or out’): from Latin exhaust- ‘drained out’, from the verb exhaurire, from ex- ‘out’ + haurire ‘draw (water), drain’.Extra examples a plan to reduce exhaust emissions ducts which draw out exhaust air and replace it with fresh pollution from car exhausts The car was fitted with a catalytic converter to meet exhaust regulations. The proposals include new limits on car exhaust emissions.
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