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    BrE BrE//ɪkˈsperɪmənt//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ɪkˈsperɪmənt//
    [countable, uncountable]
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  1. 1  a scientific test that is done in order to study what happens and to gain new knowledge to do/perform/conduct an experiment proved by experiment laboratory experiments Many people do not like the idea of experiments on animals. The results of the experiment were inconclusive. Facts can be established by observation and experiment. Wordfinderanalysis, evaluate, evidence, experiment, hypothesis, laboratory, research, result, science, study CollocationsScientific researchTheory formulate/​advance a theory/​hypothesis build/​construct/​create/​develop a simple/​theoretical/​mathematical model develop/​establish/​provide/​use a theoretical/​conceptual framework advance/​argue/​develop the thesis that… explore an idea/​a concept/​a hypothesis make a prediction/​an inference base a prediction/​your calculations on something investigate/​evaluate/​accept/​challenge/​reject a theory/​hypothesis/​modelExperiment design an experiment/​a questionnaire/​a study/​a test do research/​an experiment/​an analysis make observations/​measurements/​calculations carry out/​conduct/​perform an experiment/​a test/​a longitudinal study/​observations/​clinical trials run an experiment/​a simulation/​clinical trials repeat an experiment/​a test/​an analysis replicate a study/​the results/​the findings observe/​study/​examine/​investigate/​assess a pattern/​a process/​a behaviour/(especially US English) a behavior fund/​support the research/​project/​study seek/​provide/​get/​secure funding for researchResults collect/​gather/​extract data/​information yield data/​evidence/​similar findings/​the same results analyse/​examine the data/​soil samples/​a specimen consider/​compare/​interpret the results/​findings fit the data/​model confirm/​support/​verify a prediction/​a hypothesis/​the results/​the findings prove a conjecture/​hypothesis/​theorem draw/​make/​reach the same conclusions read/​review the records/​literature describe/​report an experiment/​a study present/​publish/​summarize the results/​findings present/​publish/​read/​review/​cite a paper in a scientific journal
  2. 2  a new activity, idea or method that you try out to see what happens or what effect it has I've never cooked this before so it's an experiment. The system was installed four years ago as an experiment. experiment in something the country’s brief experiment in democracy
  3. Word OriginMiddle English: from Old French, or from Latin experimentum, from experiri ‘try’. Compare with experience and expert.Extra examples Brazil’s unique experiment with alcohol-powered cars Further experiments will be carried out to verify this result. His efforts involved thought experiments and analogies, rather than detailed experimentation. If the conditions are not right, the experiment will not work. In these experiments, chilling is necessary. Pavlov’s famous experiment with the dog and the dinner bell The animals seemed healthy during the experiment. The appropriate concentration of the drug is best determined by experiment. The school decided to try an experiment in single-sex teaching. The team carried out experiments on cancer tissue. a classic experiment reported in 1964 a few hippies protesting against animal experiments an experiment aimed at cutting road deaths resulting from excessive speeding an experiment with zinc chips and hydrochloric acid the USSR’s failed experiment in social planning the country’s bold experiment with economic reform the country’s brief experiment in multi-party democracy I’ve never cooked this before so it’s a bit of an experiment. NASA carried out experiments to ascertain the effects of weightlessness. They were conducting experiments with zinc chips and hydrochloric acid. This pattern emerged clearly in the experiment.
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