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BrE BrE//ˈfeɪməs//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈfeɪməs//
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  • known about by many people a famous artist/hotel the most famous lake in Italy One day, I'll be rich and famous. So this is the famous dress! (= the one we have heard a lot about but have not seen). famous for something He became internationally famous for his novels. famous as something She was more famous as a writer than as a singer. see also fame, infamous, notorious, world-famous More Like This Words that look like opposites, but aren’t different/​indifferent, interested/​disinterested, famous/​infamous, flammable/​inflammable, savoury/​unsavoury, sensible/​insensible, valuable/​invaluableSee worksheet. See related entries: Celebrity news
  • Word Originlate Middle English: from Old French fameus, from Latin famosus ‘famed’, from fama.Extra examples He was famous as both a teacher and a scientist. One day I’ll be rich and famous, you’ll see! The city is justly famous for its nightclubs. The school was made famous by its association with Charles Dickens. The town became famous for its lace. internationally famous rock stars He became internationally famous for his novels and poetry. He married the daughter of a famous artist. It’s a restaurant where you often see famous faces. Loch Ness is probably the most famous lake in Scotland. One day, I’ll be rich and famous. So this is the famous dress!Idioms (saying) people sometimes say Famous last words!when they think somebody is being too confident about something that is going to happen ‘Everything's under control.’ ‘Famous last words!’ This phrase refers to a collection of quotations of the dying words of famous people.
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