Definition of fan verb from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


; fæn
fanning, fanned1 fan somebody/something/yourself to make air blow onto somebody/something by waving a fan, your hand, etcHe fanned himself with a newspaper to cool down.A warm breeze fanned her cheeks.2 fan something to make a fire burn more strongly by blowing on itFanned by a westerly wind, the fire spread rapidly through the city.3 fan something (literary) to make a feeling, an attitude, etc. stronger
His reluctance to answer her questions simply fanned her curiosity.

fan the flames (of something)

to make a feeling such as anger, hatred, etc. worse
His writings fanned the flames of racism.
Phrasal verbs

fan out


fan something out

to spread out or spread something out over an areaThe police fanned out to surround the house.The bird fanned out its tail feathers.