Definition of farm noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary



; fɑːrm
1 an area of land, and the buildings on it, used for growing crops and/or keeping animalsa 200-hectare farma farm worker/labourerfarm buildings/machineryto live/work on a farm 2 the main house on a farm, where the farmer lives3 (especially in compounds) a place where particular fish or animals are breda trout/mink/pig farm see also battery farm, collective farm, dairy farm, factory farm, funny farm, health farm, truck farm, wind farmUsage noteUsage note: FarmingGrowing food and raising animalsplant trees/seeds/crops/vines/barleygrow/produce corn/wheat/rice/fruitplough/(North American English) plow land/a fieldsow/harvest seeds/crops/fieldsspread manure/fertilizer on somethingcultivate/irrigate/water/contaminate crops/plants/fields/landdamage/destroy/lose your cropripen/pick fruit/berries/grapespress/dry/ferment grapesgrind/thresh grain/corn/wheatraise/rear/keep chickens/poultry/cattle/pigsraise/breed/feed/graze livestock/cattle/sheepkill/slaughter livestockpreserve/smoke/cure/salt meatModern farmingrun a fish farm/an organic dairyengage in/be involved in intensive (pig/fish) farminguse/apply (chemical/organic) fertilizer/insecticides/pesticidesbegin/do/conduct field trials of GM (= genetically modified) cropsgrow/develop GM crops/seeds/plants/foodsfund/invest in genetic engineering/researchimprove/increase crop yieldsface/suffer from/alleviate food shortageslabel food that contains GMOs (= genetically modified organisms)eliminate/reduce farm subsidiesoppose/be against factory farming/GM foodpromote/encourage/support organic/sustainable farming