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    BrE BrE//ˈfæʃnəbl//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈfæʃnəbl//
    The fashion world
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  1. 1  following a style that is popular at a particular time fashionable clothes/furniture/ideas It's becoming fashionable to have long hair again. Such thinking is fashionable among right-wing politicians. See related entries: The fashion world
  2. 2  used or visited by people following a current fashion, especially by rich people a fashionable address/resort/restaurant She lives in a very fashionable part of London. opposite unfashionable compare old-fashioned
  3. Extra examples These cars are no longer fashionable among the young. a young and suddenly fashionable actor ‘Exchange’ is currently a fashionable word in archaeology. Everything Italian suddenly became fashionable. It’s a very fashionable part of London. Recently it has become fashionable to dismiss this theory. Such thinking is fashionable among right-wing politicians at the moment. The illustration shows examples of fashionable dress in the late 1840s. The play is a satire on fashionable society in Victorian times. The shoes became fashionable among teenagers. The shop moved to a more fashionable address.
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