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    BrE BrE//fæks//
    ; NAmE NAmE//fæks//
    (formal facsimile) Communication devices
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  1. 1(also fax machine) [countable] a machine that sends and receives documents in an electronic form along telephone wires and then prints them Do you have a fax? See related entries: Communication devices
  2. 2[uncountable] a system for sending documents using a fax machine Can you send it to me by fax? What is your fax number? See related entries: Communication devices
  3. 3[countable] a letter or message sent by fax Did you get my fax? You can send faxes by email from your computer. CollocationsPhonesMaking and receiving phone calls the phone/​telephone rings answer/​pick up/​hang up the phone/​telephone lift/​pick up/​hold/​replace the receiver dial a (phone/​extension/​wrong) number/​an area code call somebody/​talk (to somebody)/speak (to somebody) on the phone/​telephone; from home/​work/​the office make/​get/​receive a phone call take the phone off the hook (= remove the receiver so that the phone does not ring) the line is (British English) engaged/ (especially North American English) busy the phones have been (North American English) ringing off the hook (= ringing frequently) put somebody through/​get through to the person you want to speak to put somebody on hold (= so that they must wait for the person they want to speak to) call from/​use a landlineMobile/​cell phones be/​talk on a (both British English) mobile phone/​mobile/(especially North American English) cell phone/(informal, especially North American English) cell use/​answer/​call (somebody on)/get a message on your mobile phone/​mobile/​cell phone/​cell switch/​turn on/​off your mobile phone/​mobile/​cell phone/​cell charge/​recharge your mobile phone/​mobile/​cell phone/​cell a mobile/​cell phone is on/​is off/​rings/​goes off (British English) top up your mobile (phone) send/​receive a text (message)/an SMS (message)/a fax insert/​remove/​change a SIM card See related entries: Communication devices
  4. Word Origin1940s: abbreviation of facsimile.Extra examples There was still time to receive copies by fax. Can you send it to me by fax? a fax machine
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