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    BrE BrE//ˈfiːtʃə(r)//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈfiːtʃər//
    [countable] Types of film, TV shows
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  1. 1  something important, interesting or typical of a place or thing An interesting feature of the city is the old market. Teamwork is a key feature of the training programme. Which features do you look for when choosing a car? The software has no particular distinguishing features. geographical features see also water feature
  2. 2  [usually plural] a part of somebody’s face such as their nose, mouth and eyes his strong handsome features Her eyes are her most striking feature.
  3. 3  feature (on somebody/something) (in newspapers, on television, etc.) a special article or programme about somebody/something a special feature on education Wordfinderarticle, columnist, editorial, feature, headline, journalist, newspaper, obituary, review, supplement See related entries: TV shows
  4. 4(old-fashioned) the main film/movie in a cinema programme See related entries: Types of film
  5. Word Originlate Middle English (originally denoting the form or proportions of the body, or a physical feature): from Old French faiture ‘form’, from Latin factura ‘formation, manufacture’, from facere ‘do, make’.Extra examples A feature that characterizes all anteaters is an extremely slow metabolic rate. A touch-screen feature allows visitors to call up relevant information. He had sharp features, with high cheekbones. He has the right physical features for the role. He took me around our new offices, pointing out all the salient features. I admired his rugged features. Next month they will publish a special feature on computer books. Self-deprecation is a recurring feature as Stevenson talks. She has very delicate features. She’s got very delicate features. Special features include passenger airbags and an electric sunroof. The house retains most of its original features. The magazine runs a regular feature on ethnic cooking. The network offers interactive features. The one redeeming feature of the plan was its low cost. The one redeeming feature of the scheme was its low cost to the council. The site brims with interactive features. The site had a number of interesting features. Their life histories shared many common features. These walks became a regular feature of his day. We’re adding new features and functionality every month. a car with new built-in safety features a distinctive feature of his poems a slim figure with delicate features a woman with small, neat features a young woman with fine features an in-depth feature on the Italian fashion scene her striking, dark-eyed features some of the more advanced features of the software the common feature in all these cases the essential feature that distinguishes anorexia nervosa from other eating disorders In today’s programme we have a special feature on education. The design has many new built-in safety features. The software has no particular distinguishing features.
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