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BrE BrE//fjuːd//
; NAmE NAmE//fjuːd//
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an angry and bitter argument between two people or groups of people that continues over a long period of time feud (between A and B) a long-running feud between the two artists feud (with somebody) a feud with the neighbours a family feud (= within a family or between two families) feud (over somebody/something) a feud over money see also blood feud Word OriginMiddle English fede ‘hostility, ill will’, from Old French feide, from Middle Dutch, Middle Low German vēde, of Germanic origin; related to foe.Extra examples Blood feuds and general gangsterism added to the local crime rate. The incident started a family feud. They had a long-running feud over money. a long-standing family feud a time to settle old feuds his personal feud with the city authorities the feuds between rival companies
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