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    BrE BrE//flæŋk//
    ; NAmE NAmE//flæŋk//
    Mountains and valleys, Parts of animals
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  1. 1the side of something such as a building or mountain The sun lit up the western flank of the hill. See related entries: Mountains and valleys
  2. 2the left or right side of an army during a battle, or a sports team during a game Our orders were to attack their left flank. Their centre made a dash down the right flank.
  3. 3the side of an animal between the ribs and the hip She patted the horse’s flank. See related entries: Parts of animals
  4. Word Originlate Old English, from Old French flanc, of Germanic origin.Extra examples They decided to attack their enemy’s southern flank. This meant exposing his flanks to his political enemies. West Ham exposed the right flank of Norwich’s defence. a beautiful pass down the right flank along the eastern flank of Greenland the lower flanks of Vesuvius
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