Definition of fork noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

  1. 1   a tool with a handle and three or four sharp points (called prongs ), used for picking up and eating food to eat with a knife and fork See related entries: In the kitchen, At the dining table
  2. 2 a garden tool with a long or short handle and three or four sharp metal points, used for digging see also pitchfork See related entries: Gardening
  3. 3a place where a road, river, etc. divides into two parts; either of these two parts Shortly before dusk they reached a fork and took the left-hand track. Take the right fork. See related entries: Features of roads, Rivers and lakes
  4. 4a thing shaped like a fork, with two or more long parts a jagged fork of lightning see also tuning fork
  5. 5either of two metal supporting pieces into which a wheel on a bicycle or motorcycle is fitted See related entries: Cycling
  6. Word OriginOld English forca, force (denoting a farm implement), based on Latin furca ‘pitchfork, forked stick’; reinforced in Middle English by Anglo-Norman French furke (also from Latin furca).Extra examples Bear left at the fork in the road. He put the knives and forks on the table. Mash the mixture with a fork. She impaled a piece of meat on her fork. a fork in the road a monkey sitting in the fork of the tree
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