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BrE BrE//faʊl//
; NAmE NAmE//faʊl//
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(in sport) an action that is against the rules of the game It was a clear foul by Ford on the goalkeeper. (North American English) to hit a foul (= in baseball, a ball that is too far left or right, outside the lines that mark the side of the field) see also professional foul See related entries: Soccer Word OriginOld English fūl, of Germanic origin; related to Old Norse fúll ‘foul’, Dutch vuil ‘dirty’, and German faul ‘rotten, lazy’, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin pus, Greek puos ‘pus’, and Latin putere ‘to stink’.Extra examples He committed a second clear foul and was sent off. He drew a fourth foul on Camby. He was sent off for a blatant foul on Giggs. The referee did not call a foul on the player.
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