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    BrE BrE//friːz//
    ; NAmE NAmE//friːz//
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    of wages/prices
  1. 1the act of keeping wages, prices, etc. at a particular level for a period of time a wage/price freeze
  2. stopping something
  3. 2[usually singular] freeze (on something) the act of stopping something a freeze on imports see also brain freeze
  4. cold weather
  5. 3[usually singular] (British English) an unusually cold period of weather during which temperatures stay below 0° Celsius Farmers still talk about the big freeze of '99.
  6. 4(North American English) a short period of time, especially at night, when the temperature is below 0° Celsius A freeze warning was posted for Thursday night.
  7. Word OriginOld English frēosan (in the phrase hit frēoseth ‘it is freezing’), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vriezen and German frieren, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin pruina ‘hoar frost’ and frost.Extra examples Internet advertising is still in a deep freeze. It’s too expensive to lift the freeze on pay. The government has imposed a price freeze on bread. The weather report advised us to prepare for a big freeze. a complete freeze on emissions a freeze on bus fares a total freeze on gas emissions
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