Definition of fruit noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary



; fruːt
1 [countable, uncountable] the part of a plant that consists of one or more seeds and flesh, can be eaten as food and usually tastes sweettropical fruits, such as bananas and pineapplesEat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.a piece of fruit(= an apple, an orange, etc.)fruit juicefruit trees compare vegetable see also dried fruit, first fruit, soft fruit2 [countable] (technical) a part of a plant or tree that is formed after the flowers have died and in which seeds develop3 [countable, usually plural] (literary) all the natural things that the earth produces4 [countable] (offensive) an offensive word for a homosexual man

the fruit/fruits of something

the good results of an activity or a situation
to enjoy the fruits of your labours (= the rewards for your hard work)The book is the fruit of years of research.
more at bear fruit at bear v., forbidden fruit at forbidden