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    BrE BrE//fʌdʒ//
    ; NAmE NAmE//fʌdʒ//
    Sweets and desserts
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  1. 1 [uncountable] a type of soft brown sweet/candy made from sugar, butter and milk See related entries: Sweets and desserts
  2. 2a fudge [singular] (especially British English, rather informal) a way of dealing with a situation that does not really solve the problems but is intended to appear to do so This solution is a fudge rushed in to win cheers at the party conference.
  3. Word Originearly 17th cent.: probably an alteration of obsolete fadge ‘to fit’. Early usage was as a verb in the sense ‘turn out as expected’, also ‘merge together’: this probably gave rise to its use in confectionery. In the late 17th cent. the verb came to mean ‘fit together in a clumsy or underhand manner’, which included facts or figures being cobbled together in a superficially convincing way: this led to the exclamation ‘fudge!’
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