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get through

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb Making calls
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Phrasal Verbs
  1. 1  to use up a large amount of something We got through a fortune while we were in New York!
  2. 2to manage to do or complete something Let's start—there's a lot to get through.

get through (something)

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(British English) to be successful in an exam, etc.

get somebody through something

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to help somebody to be successful in an exam She got all her students through the exam.

get through (something)


get something through (something)

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to be officially accepted; to make something be officially accepted They got the bill through Congress.

    get through (to somebody)

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  1. 1  to reach somebody Thousands of refugees will die if these supplies don't get through to them.
  2. 2  to make contact with somebody by telephone I tried calling you several times but I couldn't get through. See related entries: Making calls

get through (to something)

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(of a player or team) to reach the next stage of a competition Gulbis has got through to the final.
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