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give away

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb Marriage
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Phrasal Verbs
(in a marriage ceremony) to lead the bride to the bridegroom and formally allow her to marry him The bride was given away by her father. See related entries: Marriage
  1. 1  to give something as a gift He gave away most of his money to charity. (informal) Check out the prices of our pizzas—we're virtually giving them away! related noun giveaway
  2. 2to present something The mayor gave away the prizes at the school sports day.
  3. 3to carelessly allow somebody to have an advantage They've given away two goals already.

give away somebody


give away something


give somebody away


give something away

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 to make known something that somebody wants to keep secret synonym betray She gave away state secrets to the enemy. It was supposed to be a surprise but the children gave the game away. His voice gave him away (= showed who he really was). related noun giveaway

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