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go for

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb
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Phrasal Verbs
to attack somebody She went for him with a knife.

    go for somebody


    go for something

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  1. 1to apply to somebody/something What I said about Peter goes for you, too. They have a high level of unemployment—but the same goes for many other countries.
  2. 2to go to a place and bring somebody/something back She's gone for some milk.
  3. 3(informal) to be attracted by somebody/something; to like or prefer somebody/something She goes for tall slim men. I don't really go for modern art.
  1. 1to choose something I think I'll go for the fruit salad. Synonymschooseselect pick decide opt go forThese words all mean to decide which thing or person you want out of the ones that are available.choose to decide which thing or person you want out of the ones that are available:You choose—I can’t decide.select [often passive] to choose somebody/​something, usually carefully, from a group of people or things:He was selected for the team. a randomly selected sample of 23 schoolspick (rather informal) to choose somebody/​something from a group of people or things:She picked the best cake for herself.choose, select or pick?Choose is the most general of these words and the only one that can be used without an object. When you select something, you choose it carefully, unless you actually say that it is selected randomly/​at random. Pick is a more informal word and often a less careful action, used especially when the choice being made is not very important.decide to choose between two or more possibilities:We’re still trying to decide on a venue.opt to choose to take or not to take a particular course of action:After graduating she opted for a career in music. After a lot of thought, I opted against buying a motorbike.go for something (rather informal) to choose something:I think I’ll go for the fruit salad.Patterns to choose/​select/​pick/​decide between A and/​or B to choose/​select/​pick A from B to opt/​go for somebody/​something to choose/​decide/​opt to do something to choose/​select/​pick somebody/​something carefully/​at random randomly chosen/​selected/​picked
  2. 2to put a lot of effort into something, so that you get or achieve something Go for it, John! You know you can beat him. It sounds a great idea. Go for it!
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