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BrE BrE//ˈɡrɪpɪŋ//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈɡrɪpɪŋ//
Describing a story
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exciting or interesting in a way that keeps your attention a gripping story His books are always so gripping. The film was absolutely gripping. The film is a gripping account of the early days of the revolution. Synonymsinterestingfascinating compelling stimulating gripping absorbingThese words all describe somebody/something that attracts or holds your attention because they are exciting, unusual or full of good ideas.interesting attracting your attention because it is exciting, unusual or full of good ideas:That’s an interesting question, Daniel.fascinating extremely interesting or attractive:The exhibition tells the fascinating story of the steam age.compelling (rather formal) so interesting or exciting that it holds your attention:Her latest book makes compelling reading.stimulating full of interesting or exciting ideas; making people feel enthusiastic:Thank you for a most stimulating discussion.gripping so exciting or interesting that it holds your attention completely:His books are always so gripping.absorbing so interesting or enjoyable that it holds your attention:Chess can be an extremely absorbing game.Patterns interesting/fascinating/stimulating for somebody interesting/fascinating to somebody interesting/fascinating that… interesting/fascinating to see/hear/find/learn/know… a(n) interesting/fascinating/compelling/gripping story/read/book a(n) interesting/fascinating/stimulating experience/discussion/idea to find something interesting/fascinating/compelling/stimulating/gripping/absorbing Wordfindercomic, far-fetched, gripping, historical, mannered, moving, rambling, readable, story, tragic See related entries: Describing a story
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