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    BrE BrE//ɡest//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ɡest//
    TV people, Hotel people
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  1. 1  a person that you have invited to your house or to a particular event that you are paying for We have guests staying this weekend. more than 100 wedding guests I went to the theatre club as Helen's guest. He was the guest of honour (= the most important person invited to an event). Liz was not on the guest list.
  2. 2  a person who is staying at a hotel, etc. We have accommodation for 500 guests. a paying guest (= a person who is living in a private house, but paying as if they were in a hotel) Guests should vacate their rooms by 10.30 a.m. See related entries: Hotel people
  3. 3a famous person or performer who takes part in a television show or concert a guest artist/star/singer Our special guest tonight is… He made a guest appearance on the show. See related entries: TV people
  4. 4a person who is invited to a particular place or organization, or to speak at a meeting The scientists are here as guests of our government. a guest speaker
  5. Word OriginMiddle English: from Old Norse gestr, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch gast and German Gast, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin hostis ‘enemy’ (originally ‘stranger’).Extra examples Guest artists from all over Europe will take part in the concert. Movie star Matt Damon is one of the special guests on tonight’s show. Our next guest is a bona fide television star. She felt that she had to entertain her guests. She had invited six guests. She made a rare guest appearance on the programme. She tactfully discouraged their uninvited guests from staying longer. She was treated as an honoured guest. The athlete was chief guest at the schools sports day. The banquet was attended by 200 guests. The best man and his assistants welcomed the reception guests as they arrived. The best man welcomed the wedding guests as they arrived. The refugees were made to feel like unwanted guests in the country. When we have guests, they usually sleep in the study. You are always a welcome guest in our house. You’re the guest—you can choose what we watch. He did his best to make the guests feel at home. He was the ideal dinner party guest. How many guests are coming tonight? I got the feeling that this guest was particularly unwelcome. Li was there as the guest of the President. My father was the guest of honour at the dinner. She had invited over 100 guests. Some of the wedding guests were staying in the hotel. The accommodation secretary has a list of families who take paying guests. The guests gathered for dinner on the terrace. Their names were not on the guest list.Idioms (informal) used to give somebody permission to do something that they have asked to do ‘Do you mind if I use the phone?’ ‘Be my guest.’
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