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    BrE BrE//ˈhændlɪŋ//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈhændlɪŋ//
    [uncountable] Driving
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  1. 1the way that somebody deals with or treats a situation, a person, an animal, etc. I was impressed by his handling of the affair. This horse needs firm handling. Why is he being so polite, as if I need tactful handling?
  2. 2the action of organizing or controlling something data handling on computer
  3. 3the action of touching, feeling or holding something with your hands toys that can stand up to rough handling In the manufacturing industries heavy materials handling is often done by robots.
  4. 4the cost of dealing with an order, delivering goods, booking tickets, etc. a small handling charge
  5. 5the way in which a vehicle can be controlled by the driver a car designed for easy handling See related entries: Driving
  6. 6(British English also carriage) (formal) the act or cost of transporting goods from one place to another
  7. Extra examples Issues such as drug addiction require sensitive handling when featured in TV dramas. She was praised for her competent handling of the crisis. The cost is $11 plus $5 for shipping and handling. Timid children need gentle handling to build up their confidence. a small airport with limited passenger handling facilities hygienic food handling practice I was impressed by his handling of the situation. There is a $5 handling charge for each order. You pay only $29.99 plus shipping and handling.
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