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    BrE BrE//help//
    ; NAmE NAmE//help//
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    making easier/better
  1. 1  [uncountable] the act of helping somebody to do something Thank you for all your help. help (with something) Do you need any help with that? Can I be of any help to you? None of this would have been possible without their help. She stopped smoking with the help of her family and friends. They have at last decided to enlist the help of experts. The offer of help came too late. The college will no longer have to close, thanks to the help of private investment.
  2. advice/money
  3. 2  [uncountable] advice, money, etc. that is given to somebody in order to solve their problems to seek financial/legal/medical, etc. help help in doing something The organization offers practical help in dealing with paperwork. help with something You should qualify for help with the costs of running a car. a help key/screen (= a function on a computer that provides information on how to use the computer)
  4. being useful
  5. 3  [uncountable] the fact of being useful The map wasn't much help. With the help of a ladder, neighbours were able to rescue the children from the blaze. Was the information I gave you any help? The course they sent me on was of no help whatsoever! Just shouting at him isn't going to be a lot of help.
  6. for somebody in danger
  7. 4  [uncountable] the act of helping somebody who is in danger Quick, get help! She screamed for help.
  8. person/thing
  9. 5[singular] a help (to somebody) a person or thing that helps somebody She was more of a hindrance than a help. Your advice was a big help. (ironic) You're a great help, I must say!
  10. in house
  11. 6the help [uncountable + singular or plural verb] (especially North American English) the person or people who are employed by somebody to clean their house, etc. see also home help
  12. Word OriginOld English helpan (verb), help (noun), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch helpen and German helfen.Extra examples Don’t panic—help is at hand. He enlisted the help of a private detective in his search for the truth. He lay injured for four hours before help arrived. He ran to get help. He rudely rejected her kind offer of help. He’ll need help with this homework. He’s too proud to accept help. I heard a cry for help from inside the building. I opened the window and called for help. I really appreciate your help. Is there any extra help for disabled students? It’s a great help having you around. Local teachers provided invaluable help in developing the material. Passers-by came to the woman’s help when she was mugged. Police are appealing for help in catching the killers. She’s been a big help to her father. Some of the injured animals were beyond help and had to be destroyed. Teachers have little time to give individual help to students. The careers officer gives direct help as well as advice. The family’s request for help went unanswered. The homeless centre relies entirely on voluntary help. The man was clearly in need of urgent medical help. The manual is too technical to be of help to the inexperienced user. The organization provides emergency help for refugees. The program has a help menu. The software comes with excellent online help. The system is based on mutual help rather than on payment for services. The training centre provides special help for the long-term unemployed. They can usually manage by themselves, but occasionally need outside help. They had substantial help from farmers. This is the first scheme to offer real help to working mothers. This plan offers real help to working mothers. We broke open the lock with the help of a hammer. When the symptoms persisted, I decided to seek medical help. With a little help, I think I could fix the computer myself. With help from a parent, a child can do simple cooking. You’ve been a big help—thanks. a best-selling author of self-help books Can I be of any help (to you/​with that)? He recovered quickly with the help of his family and friends. He was more of a hindrance than a help. I decided to seek legal help. I managed to understand it with the help of a dictionary. None of this would have been possible without her help. Quick, run and get help! The passengers were screaming for help. The place was difficult to find and the map wasn’t much help. You’re a great help, I must say!. Your advice was a great help to me.Idioms
    there is no help for it
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    (especially British English) it is not possible to avoid doing something that may harm somebody in some way There's no help for it. We shall have to call the police.
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