Definition of honourable adjective from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


adjective (especially US honorable)
; ˈɑːnərəbl
1 deserving respect and admirationa long and honourable career in governmentThey managed an honourable 2–2 draw.With a few honourable exceptions, the staff were found to be incompetent.2 showing high moral standardsan honourable man3 allowing somebody to keep their good name and the respect of othersan honourable compromiseThey urged her to do the honourable thing and resign.He received an honourable discharge from the army.
4 the Honourable (abbr. Hon) [only before noun] (in Britain) a title used by a child of some ranks of the nobility5 the/my Honourable… (abbr. Hon) [only before noun] (in Britain), a title used by Members of Parliament when talking about or to another Member during a debateIf my Honourable Friend would give me a chance to answer,…Would the Honourable Member agree that…?6 (abbr. Hon) a title of respect used by an official of high rankthe Honorable Alan Simpson, US senator compare Right Honourable
Use an, not a, before honourable.
honourably (especially US honorably)
; ˈɑːnərəbli
adverbto behave honourably