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    BrE BrE//hʊd//
    ; NAmE NAmE//hʊd//
    Parts of a car
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  1. 1 a part of a coat, etc. that you can pull up to cover the back and top of your head a jacket with a detachable hood
  2. 2 a piece of cloth put over somebody’s face and head so that they cannot be recognized or so that they cannot see
  3. 3 a piece of coloured silk or fur worn over an academic gown to show the kind of degree held by the person wearing it
  4. 4(especially British English) a folding cover over a car, etc. We drove all the way with the hood down. See related entries: Parts of a car
  5. 5(North American English) (British English bonnet) the metal part over the front of a vehicle, usually covering the engine See related entries: Parts of a car
  6. 6a cover placed over a device or machine, for example, to protect it a lens hood an extractor hood (= one that removes cooking smells from a kitchen)
  7. 7(slang, especially North American English) = hoodlum (1)
  8. 8(also ’hood) (slang, especially North American English) a neighbourhood, especially a person’s own neighbourhood
  9. Word Originsenses 1 to 6 Old English hōd, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch hoed, German Hut ‘hat’, also to hat.sense 7 1930s: abbreviation of hoodlum.sense 8 1970s: shortening of neighbourhood.Extra examples He was wearing a blue anorak with the hood up. She put up her hood when it started to rain. The sound of a bird hitting the hood of the car The victim was sitting tied to a chair with a black hood over her head. You can always put your hood up if it rains.
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