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BrE BrE//ˈhɒspɪtl//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈhɑːspɪtl//
Hospitals, Public spaces
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a large building where people who are ill/sick or injured are given medical treatment and care (British English) He had to go to hospital for treatment. (North American English) He had to go to the hospital for treatment. to be admitted to (the) hospital to be discharged from (the) hospital The injured were rushed to (the) hospital in an ambulance. He died in (the) hospital. I'm going to the hospital to visit my brother. a psychiatric/mental hospital hospital doctors/nurses/staff There is an urgent need for more hospital beds. British/​Americanhospital In British English you say to hospital or in hospital when you talk about somebody being there as a patient:I had to go to hospital. She spent two weeks in hospital. In North American English you need to use the:I had to go to the hospital. She spent two weeks in the hospital. see also cottage hospital Wordfinderaccident, ambulance, casualty, first aid, hospital, injure, paramedic, stretcher, victim, witness WordfinderA & E, admit, consultant, doctor, hospital, ICU, inpatient, nurse, operation, ward See related entries: Hospitals, Public spaces Word OriginMiddle English (originally meaning a hospice run by the Knights Hospitallers in the 11th century): via Old French from medieval Latin hospitale, neuter of Latin hospitalis ‘hospitable’, from hospes, hospit- ‘host, guest’.Extra examples He has been readmitted to hospital. He is in hospital recovering from a heart operation. He was taken to hospital as a precaution. He’s been taken to hospital for tests. He’s had to go into hospital rather suddenly. How long will I have to stay in hospital? I used to work as a cleaner in a hospital. She came out of hospital this morning. She was rushed to hospital. She works at the John Radcliffe Hospital. We went to the hospital to visit my gran. He died in hospital. He was admitted to hospital complaining of chest pains. His delusions got worse until he was committed to a mental hospital. I had to go to hospital. I’m going to the hospital to visit my brother. She was discharged from hospital and allowed to go home. The injured were rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. There is a shortage of hospital beds.
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