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    BrE BrE//həʊˈtel//
    ; NAmE NAmE//hoʊˈtel//
    Buildings, Holiday accommodation
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  1. 1  a building where people stay, usually for a short time, paying for their rooms and meals We stayed at/in a hotel. hotel rooms/guests a two-star/five-star, etc. hotel a luxury hotel a friendly, family-run hotel CollocationsTravel and tourismHolidays/​vacations have/​take (British English) a holiday/(North American English) a vacation/​a break/​a day off/(British English) a gap year go on/​be on holiday/​vacation/​leave/​honeymoon/​safari/​a trip/​a tour/​a cruise/​a pilgrimage go backpacking/​camping/​hitchhiking/​sightseeing plan a trip/​a holiday/​a vacation/​your itinerary book accommodation/​a hotel room/​a flight/​tickets have/​make/​cancel a reservation/(especially British English) booking rent a villa/(both British English) a holiday home/​a holiday cottage (especially British English) hire/ (especially North American English) rent a car/​bicycle/​moped stay in a hotel/​a bed and breakfast/​a youth hostel/​a villa/(both British English) a holiday home/​a caravan cost/​charge $100 a/​per night for a single/​double/​twin/​standard/(British English) en suite room check into/​out of a hotel/​a motel/​your room pack/​unpack your suitcase/​bags call/​order room service cancel/​cut short a trip/​holiday/​vacationForeign travel apply for/​get/​renew a/​your passport take out/​buy/​get travel insurance catch/​miss your plane/​train/​ferry/​connecting flight fly (in)/travel in business/​economy class make/​have a brief/​two-day/​twelve-hour stopover/(North American English also) layover in Hong Kong experience/​cause/​lead to delays check (in)/collect/​get/​lose (your) (especially British English) luggage/(especially North American English) baggage be charged for/​pay excess baggage board/​get on/​leave/​get off the aircraft/​plane/​ship/​ferry taxi down/​leave/​approach/​hit/​overshoot the runway experience/​hit/​encounter severe turbulence suffer from/​recover from/​get over your jet lag/​travel sicknessThe tourist industry attract/​draw/​bring tourists/​visitors encourage/​promote/​hurt tourism promote/​develop ecotourism build/​develop/​visit a tourist/​holiday/(especially British English) seaside/​beach/​ski resort work for/​be operated by a major hotel chain be served by/​compete with low-cost/(especially North American English) low-fare/​budget airlines book something through/​make a booking through/​use a travel agent contact/​check with your travel agent/​tour operator book/​be on/​go on a package deal/​holiday/​tour buy/​bring back (tacky/​overpriced) souvenirs Wordfinderaccommodation, book, full board, holiday, hotel, reception, reservation, room service, suite, vacancy See related entries: Buildings, Holiday accommodation
  2. 2(Australian English, New Zealand English) a pub
  3. 3(Indian English) a restaurant
  4. Some speakers do not pronounce the ‘h’ at the beginning of hotel and use ‘an’ instead of ‘a’ before it. This now sounds old-fashioned.
    Word Originmid 18th cent.: from French hôtel, from Old French hostel, from medieval Latin hospitale, neuter of Latin hospitalis ‘hospitable’, from hospes, hospit- ‘host, guest’.Extra examples The hotel features a beautiful dining room overlooking the lake. The hotel is fully air-conditioned. The hotel is situated in the heart of the city. The hotel offers excellent facilities. We checked into the hotel, then went for a walk along the beachfront. We met at the hotel. We’re staying at a cheap hotel near the station. We’re staying in a two-star hotel in the centre of the city. a family hotel with a playground for small children a friendly family-run hotel a small country hotel all the style and comfort that only the best hotels can provide homeless families living in bed and breakfast hotels He owns a big hotel chain. I took a taxi back to my hotel. I’ll collect my bags and check out of the hotel. It’s a family-run hotel with a relaxed atmosphere. It’s a five-star hotel. It’s the poshest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. Most of the jobs are in the hotel and catering industry. She booked into a hotel near the conference centre. The hotel is about five miles from here. The trip includes two nights in a luxury hotel. There is a shortage of hotel accommodation in the city. This is a delightful hotel within easy reach of all amenities. We arranged to meet in the foyer of the hotel. We ended up in a seedy hotel next to the station. We had dinner in the restaurant of a large hotel. You can make phone calls from your hotel room.
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