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    BrE BrE//ˈhaʊzɪŋ//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈhaʊzɪŋ//
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  1. 1  [uncountable] houses, flats/apartments, etc. that people live in, especially when referring to their type, price or condition public/private housing poor housing conditions the housing shortage the housing market (= the activity of buying and selling houses, etc.) low-cost/cheap housing
  2. 2  [uncountable] the job of providing houses, flats/apartments, etc. for people to live in the housing department the council’s housing policy
  3. 3[countable] a hard cover that protects part of a machine a car’s rear axle housing
  4. Extra examples I received housing benefit when I was unemployed. Many health problems are made worse by inadequate housing. Many new housing developments had sprung up around the city. Public expenditure on social housing provision has doubled in the last five years. She receives a substantial housing allowance on top of her salary. The aim of the scheme was to provide good low-cost housing for workers. The area is dominated by terraced housing. They provide good low-cost housing for workers. Too many families are still living in substandard housing. What happens when the housing boom finally slows? sheltered housing for old people How severe is the housing shortage in Hong Kong? Public housing is limited to low-income families and individuals. Tenants may only keep pets with the written consent of the housing department. The housing market has had a good year. The study linked poor housing conditions to a variety of health problems. They discussed how the council’s housing policy could be changed to deal with the growing housing crisis.
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