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BrE BrE//ˈhʌstɪŋz//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈhʌstɪŋz//
the hustings [plural] (especially British English) Elections
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the political meetings, speeches, etc. that take place in the period before an election Most candidates will be out on the hustings this week. See related entries: Elections Word Originlate Old English husting ‘deliberative assembly, council’, from Old Norse hústhing ‘household assembly held by a leader’, from hús ‘house’ + thing ‘assembly, parliament’; hustings was applied in Middle English to the highest court of the City of London, presided over by the Recorder of London. It later denoted the platform in the Guildhall where the Lord Mayor and aldermen presided, and (early 18th cent.) a temporary platform on which parliamentary candidates were nominated; hence the sense ‘electoral proceedings’.
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