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BrE BrE//ˈɪmɪɡrənt//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈɪmɪɡrənt//
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a person who has come to live permanently in a country that is not their own immigrant communities/families/workers illegal immigrants CollocationsRace and immigrationPrejudice and racism experience/​encounter racism/​discrimination/​prejudice/​anti-semitism face/​suffer persecution/​discrimination fear/​escape from/​flee racial/​political/​religious persecution constitute/​be a form of racial/​race discrimination reflect/​reveal/​show/​have a racial/​cultural bias be biased/​be prejudiced against (especially British English) black people/(both especially North American English) people of color/​African Americans/​Asians/​Africans/​Indians, etc. discriminate against minority groups/​minorities perpetuate/​conform to/​fit/​defy a common/​popular/​traditional/​negative stereotype overcome/​be blinded by deep-seated/​racial/(especially North American English) race prejudice entrench/​perpetuate racist attitudes hurl/​shout (especially British English) racist abuse; (especially North American English) a racist/​racial/​ethnic slur challenge/​confront racism/​discrimination/​prejudice combat/​fight (against)/tackle blatant/​overt/​covert/​subtle/​institutional/​systemic racismRace and society damage/​improve (especially British English) race relations practise/ (especially US English) practice (racial/​religious) tolerance/​segregation bridge/​break down/​transcend cultural/​racial barriers encourage/​promote social integration outlaw/​end discrimination/​slavery/​segregation promote/​embrace/​celebrate cultural diversity conform to/​challenge/​violate (accepted/​established/​prevailing/​dominant) social/​cultural norms live in a multicultural society attack/​criticize multiculturalism fight for/​struggle for/​promote racial equality perpetuate/​reinforce economic and social inequality introduce/​be for/​be against (British English) positive discrimination/(especially North American English) affirmative action support/​be active in/​play a leading role in the civil rights movementImmigration control/​restrict/​limit/​encourage immigration attract/​draw a wave of immigrants assist/​welcome refugees house/​shelter refugees and asylum seekers smuggle illegal immigrants into the UK deport/​repatriate illegal immigrants/​failed asylum seekers assimilate/​integrate new immigrants employ/​hire migrant workers exploit/​rely on (cheap/​illegal) immigrant labour/(especially US English) labor apply for/​gain/​obtain/​be granted/​be denied (full) citizenship have/​hold dual citizenship compare emigrant, migrant See related entries: Immigration Word Originlate 18th cent.: from Latin immigrant- ‘immigrating’, from the verb immigrare, on the pattern of emigrant.Extra examples Businesses may want to hire skilled immigrants. European immigrants fleeing Nazism in the 1930s European immigrants settled much of Australia. First-generation immigrants may dream of returning ‘home’; their children say Britain is their home. Italian immigrants assimilated easily into Brazilian society. Like many first-generation immigrants, they worked hard and saved most of their earnings. Mexican immigrants seeking farm work She was the daughter of Chinese immigrants to America. The company was founded by two immigrants from Bangladesh. The government is eager to attract skilled immigrants. These factors attracted new immigrants. These were working-class immigrants, mainly from rural parts of Mexico. They are trying to secure immigrant status for their families. a careful mechanism for assimilating immigrants a family of Turkish immigrants living in California a law designed to exclude Chinese immigrants a young Afghan immigrant who has worked at the store for years anti-terrorist legislation that targeted immigrants boats bringing illegal immigrants over from North Africa different aspects of the immigrant experience immigrants seeking to enter the country poor immigrants from Latin American countries recent immigrants who do not speak English ships laden with would-be immigrants who were forcibly returned the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in California the circumstances under which immigrants were detained the immigrants who poured into America the issues faced by Dominican immigrants the number of legal immigrants to the US Illegal immigrants are to be sent back to their country of origin. immigrant communities/​families/​workers
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