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a country in southern Asia which used to be part of the British Empire. It became independent and a member of the Commonwealth in 1947. It is now the world's largest democracy, with a population of approximately one billion. There are 19 official languages including Hindi and English, though over 200 other languages are spoken in different parts of the country. The capital city is New Delhi.Britain became involved in India in the 17th century, with the East India Company. The British government took control of India after the Indian Mutiny, appointing a Viceroy as its ruler. A movement for independence began at this time, when the Indian National Congress Party (later the Congress Party) was formed in 1885. In the early 20th century, the leading figure in the movement for independence was Mahatma Gandhi, who led a campaign of peaceful protest against British rule. This led to India becoming independent in 1947, when it divided into two countries, India and Pakistan. There are many people of Indian and Pakistani origin living in Britain. see also Bangladesh See related entries: Countries and continents
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