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BrE BrE//ˌɪnɪˈkwɒləti//
; NAmE NAmE//ˌɪnɪˈkwɑːləti//
[uncountable, countable] (pl. inequalities) Social justice
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the unfair difference between groups of people in society, when some have more wealth, status or opportunities than others inequality of opportunity economic inequalities between different areas racial inequality opposite equality CollocationsRace and immigrationPrejudice and racism experience/​encounter racism/​discrimination/​prejudice/​anti-semitism face/​suffer persecution/​discrimination fear/​escape from/​flee racial/​political/​religious persecution constitute/​be a form of racial/​race discrimination reflect/​reveal/​show/​have a racial/​cultural bias be biased/​be prejudiced against (especially British English) black people/(both especially North American English) people of color/​African Americans/​Asians/​Africans/​Indians, etc. discriminate against minority groups/​minorities perpetuate/​conform to/​fit/​defy a common/​popular/​traditional/​negative stereotype overcome/​be blinded by deep-seated/​racial/(especially North American English) race prejudice entrench/​perpetuate racist attitudes hurl/​shout (especially British English) racist abuse; (especially North American English) a racist/​racial/​ethnic slur challenge/​confront racism/​discrimination/​prejudice combat/​fight (against)/tackle blatant/​overt/​covert/​subtle/​institutional/​systemic racismRace and society damage/​improve (especially British English) race relations practise/ (especially US English) practice (racial/​religious) tolerance/​segregation bridge/​break down/​transcend cultural/​racial barriers encourage/​promote social integration outlaw/​end discrimination/​slavery/​segregation promote/​embrace/​celebrate cultural diversity conform to/​challenge/​violate (accepted/​established/​prevailing/​dominant) social/​cultural norms live in a multicultural society attack/​criticize multiculturalism fight for/​struggle for/​promote racial equality perpetuate/​reinforce economic and social inequality introduce/​be for/​be against (British English) positive discrimination/(especially North American English) affirmative action support/​be active in/​play a leading role in the civil rights movementImmigration control/​restrict/​limit/​encourage immigration attract/​draw a wave of immigrants assist/​welcome refugees house/​shelter refugees and asylum seekers smuggle illegal immigrants into the UK deport/​repatriate illegal immigrants/​failed asylum seekers assimilate/​integrate new immigrants employ/​hire migrant workers exploit/​rely on (cheap/​illegal) immigrant labour/(especially US English) labor apply for/​gain/​obtain/​be granted/​be denied (full) citizenship have/​hold dual citizenship see also unequal See related entries: Social justice Word Originlate Middle English: from Old French inequalite, or from Latin inaequalitas, from in- ‘not’ + aequalis (from aequus ‘even, level, equal’).Extra examples Even in the age of compulsory school, inequalities in education have remained. Inequalities of income would lead to even greater inequalities in access to health care. Many sociologists have regarded education as central in perpetuating inequality. Sex inequality in pay reinforces class inequality. Some believe that education perpetuates inequality. The country has had some success in redressing racial inequalities. The introduction of school fees would create inequality between schools. The law merely serves to reinforce social inequalities. They can build a more harmonious society once inequality and exploitation are removed. economic inequality between men and women efforts to address class and gender inequalities and to rebalance power gender inequality in education inequalities based on racism and social class inequalities that exist in wealth and income the gross social inequalities of the past A new pattern of class inequality seems to be emerging. Gender and racial inequality are still widespread throughout society. Growing inequality and poverty present a huge challenge to international agencies. Inequalities in health tend to reflect inequalities in income. The aim of universal benefits was to reduce inequality in British society. There is generally some inequality between men and women within the family. They believe that global inequalities are only increased by global capitalism. We need to examine the role of the education system in perpetuating social inequality. We need to tackle inequality of opportunity wherever we find it.
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