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    (British English also -ise) suffix (in verbs)
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  1. 1to become, make or make like privatize fossilize Americanize
  2. 2to speak, think, act, treat, etc. in the way mentioned criticize theorize deputize pasteurize
  3. 3to place in hospitalize More Like This Suffixes -able, -age, -al, -ance, -ant, -arian, -ary, -dom, -ee, -er, -ese, -esque, -ess, -fold, -ful, -hood, -ify, -ion, -ish, -ism, -ist, -ista, -ite, -itis, -ize, -less, -let, -ling, -ly, -ment, -most, -ness, -oid, -or, -ous, -shipSee worksheet.
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